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Randolph Macon College Baseball
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 Randolph-Macon Baseball Camps

2020 Prospect Camps

Camp Information
Entering Grades: 9th - 12th
Location: Hugh Stephens Field
Check-In: 9:00 - 10:00 am
Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Cost: $125 / pitchers
$150 / position players
$175 / two way players
July 11th
Rescheduled to August 4th
Rescheduled to August 12th
*Rain date: August 13th*
July 25th

Contact: ML, Morgan-

General Information:

Self-evaluation MUST be completed by any participants, spectators and personnel prior to arrival. Anyone experiencing symptoms MUST stay home. This will be communicated via camp email, on camp website and prior to entering Hugh Stephens Field

We do not intend for campers to wear face coverings while participating in the camp. While we will ask campers to bring their own hand sanitizers, we will provide three (3) in each dugout as well as one (1) at each entrance to the seating area and one (1) at the entrance/exit of the ballpark. Seating areas will be marked with appropriate spaces between families.  We are asking that no more than two (2) family members travel to prevent over crowding in the seating area. (Please, no small children) The seating area holds a maximum 500 spectators, and with only 40 maximum campers, we should be able to have enough space for 80 adults maximum between that area and the surrounding facility.


9:00-10:00am - Registration @ Hugh Stephens Field at Estes Park

Campers will be met at the entrance to the facility, where they will be screened. We will review safety procedures and state guidelines with each camper and parent prior to registration. Once in the facility, campers will be spaced out by markings on the brick until they reach the registration table. From there, they will be spaced out, based on position, throughout the facility until introductions

10:00-10:10am - Introduction

Campers and families will be spread out throughout the outfield, appropriately distanced, to review schedule for the day. Coaching staff will use public address system in an attempt to be clear and precise with instructions.

10:10-10:30am - Dynamic Stretch

Campers will be separated into 4 groups of 10 (maximum)

10:30-11:45am- Defensive Pro Style/Instruction

Campers will be separated by position and spaced out appropriately based on update guidelines. No shared equipment. Baseballs will be rotated through individually and sanitized by a ball cleaner in between usage

11:45-12:45pm - Batting Practice

4 hitters behind the home plate area at a time, spaced out 10-15’ apart. 4 players will be practicing, 2 at a time, in the batting cage area prior to coming on the field. The remaining players will “shag” baseballs off of the live bat around the field, spaced out according to updated social distancing guidelines.

12:45-1:30pm - Lunch

Campers will eat lunch off site in the town of Ashland.  They will be required follow proper social distancing protocols upon departure, using hand sanitizer on their way out and asked to use sanitizer when they return. For those that have lunch provided by families on site, they will have access to shaded areas with appropriate social distancing markings. During this break, the coaching staff will use this time to clean/disinfect equipment, etc necessary for afternoon gameplay

2:15-5:30pm - Game

Campers will participate in controlled game situations.  Pitchers will throw live to hitters with catchers.  Officiating, however, will take place at a safe social distance behind the pitcher and on the bases. Players will play and interact as normal, with the exception of the 1st baseman holding runners on 1st. We will have between 3-5 players, socially distanced in the dugout, including the current catcher and pitcher. We will have an RMC staff member monitor activity in the dugout, including use of seeds, spitting, etc. Pitchers will be down in the open-air bullpen, separated appropriately by update guidelines.  Remaining players will stand in designated areas extended outside of dugouts down the 1st and 3rd base fence, respectively.